Friday, September 05, 2003

As I sit here surfing the net with VH-1 playing in the background it occurs to me how little I listen to music living in my little tropical paradise. I've gotten so sick of hearing calypso (most annoyingly when it's BLASTING from someone's enormous personal speakers at our neighborhood public beach) that I've sort of stopped listening to music altogether at times. And I LOVE music...and I live with a musician! It's not that I have anything against calypso, but when you're fed an almost exclusive diet of it in public places...well, it's easy to get sick of anything once you've had your fill.

My boyfriend watches way too much TV. Out of boredom, I'm sure. So it seems like our home life is most often accompanied by a TV, rather than musical, soundtrack. And we have a wonderful CD collection. There are no venues here where we can go out to hear live music that we enjoy. We can go out and hear...calypso. He does a lot of jazz gigs, but he's forced at those to play polite dinner, resort hotel jazz. It's not the slammin', swingin' jazz that he loves to play...and that I love to hear. He's opened two jazz shows for mainland was well-attended, one was absolutely not. There's just not an appetite here for it. We're living in a jazz wasteland.


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