Wednesday, March 03, 2004


It's been wintry here this week...or at least our version of it. Sunday was rainy and blustery and nasty. When we headed to the beach it just looked a bit overcast. But soon the showers arrived and they looked like they were going to last most of the day. So even though we were enjoying our rainy swim (the water often feels warmer in the rain), we packed it in. The sun returned yesterday, but the gusty winds have been constant this week. Whatever they're stirring up is aggravating my allergies. And my wacky insomnia has been unrelenting. So I've been feeling sleep deprived, sniffly and in the mood to not do much of anything except cuddle up under a blanket in my flannel pajamas. Today I even wore a sweater to work. A sweater! How pathetic that I'm swaddled in sweaters and pj's when it's 80 degrees outside. Acclimation's a bitch.


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