Saturday, February 21, 2004

In the Dark

The power's just gone off. That's not an unusual occurrence, but it seems to happen more frequently during daylight hours. It's DARK here at night. Thankfully the laptop was on, so I could find my way to the flashlight without tripping over anything. Boyfriend's at a gig, and I had just finished watching a special with the Marsalis family on PBS. I don't mind the darkness really--I'm in sort of an introspective mood this evening anyway. But it would be nice to have some light to read by. I suppose I could use the flashlight, but I don't have any extra batteries for it and don't know how long the lights will be out. It's usually not more than an hour, often less than that. The truly annoying part happens when the power comes back on and I walk around the house resetting all of the digital clocks and displays...only to have it go off again as soon as I've reset the last clock. I've learned to wait a good amount of time before doing any resetting, because it's likely to go on and off several times. Like now...back on...after surging a couple of times. The good news is that my folks sent us a bunch of candles for Christmas, so at least I'm not trying to light some waxy nubs (which I've been known to do). Okay, back to my book...


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