Saturday, February 14, 2004

Against the Tide

Boyfriend and I have signed up for a breast cancer fundraiser at our neighborhood beach this morning. The beach is on a horseshoe-shaped bay that's enclosed by two very hilly peninsulas on the Atlantic (north) side of our island. The water's clear, clean, usually calm and fairly warm--it's like swimming in a tub. The beach is a mile long. The "race course" will be 2/3 of a mile. The idea is to make it the width of the bay any way you like, as long as you do it in the water. You can swim, snorkel, walk, float on a mat, whatever. (We'll probably walk since we're not the strongest swimmers. We prefer our swimming in fits and bursts with much frolicking interspersed throughout.)

This is the second year of the fundraiser and we often head there on Saturday mornings for breakfast and a swim anyway, so we figured we might as well support a good cause. Last year they had entrants ranging in age from 6 months (you can pull your kids with you) up to their 70's. Seemed like a nice idea to start the holiday weekend by remembering what V. Day should really be about...spreading some love.


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