Saturday, January 31, 2004

If only...

As I was walking down the beach this morning, post-breakfast but pre-swim, I surveyed my surroundings and came to the brilliant (doh!) conclusion that I could probably reside quite contentedly on this little rock for some time if I could spend time at the beach every single day. Now, technically, there's nothing stopping me from doing that. But by the time one gets home from the dreaded day job and then makes one's way to the beach -- right about the time the no-see-um's are coming out...well, sometimes it's just easier (and less itchy) to kick back and spend the last daylight hours unwinding at home. Fantasies aside, I always come back to the realization that even if I took a daily trip to the beach, I would still be spending my days and nights doing -- and more importantly, NOT doing -- what I am now. Hence the dilemma.

In Friday morning's paper, there was an article about a theatre production that's going to be staged here shortly. The article said the producer is seeking volunteers to perform and assist with the production. My first thought was, "I would LOVE to be involved" (with this particular project)--followed quickly by the realization that like all other cultural events here, it would (I'm assuming) be a half-assed, half-baked effort and I'd end up being more aggravated than fulfilled by the process. And that's a drag. When I mentioned it to the boyfriend last night, he immediately said, "Do it!" But when I reminded him about his experience with a production at the same venue one year ago, he understood why I had second thoughts. This may be an international destination, but it's still a small town for its residents. Call me a snob if you like, but some events are maybe just a notch above "Waiting for Guffman." So I wait...for our return to civilization...which will mean giving up my paradisiacal trips to the beach. Why, oh why, must we choose? :)


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