Thursday, January 22, 2004


Sorry, I just haven't felt inspired to write about island life lately. What can I say about my little island? It's beautiful...and boring. Beautiful and boring. And boring. And boring. Maybe it would seem even more beautiful and a lot less boring if I didn't have to work where I do. Now, I don't HAVE to work there, but I read the classifieds religiously and believe me, if there were some exciting alternative, I would have pursued it long ago. And maybe the work situation seems particularly heinous because the only fun thing I do outside of work is go to the beach--which I love--but a gal needs a little more than that to make a "life." Know what I mean? So bear with me as I find myself in the doldrums. I only recently learned that that refers to an actual place: the ocean regions near the equator where there is little or no wind. I'm there, people...literally.


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