Saturday, January 10, 2004

Odd Couple

I saw a very strange couple at the beach this morning. They were off one of the cruise ships (you can tell by the towels). He was probably in his 40's, had slicked-back blond hair, was very tan, and was wearing a Gold's Gym tank top, a Speedo (eeeew!) and a big gold chain around his neck with a large barbell charm. (At first I thought it was a dog bone.) When he took off the tank top it was clear that although he still looked middle-aged, he's someone who spends time at a gym. (He even stood with his hands on his hips while his wife applied sunscreen to his back--as if he were posing in front of a mirror.) His wife on the other hand was pasty white and had to weigh at least 350 pounds. She was HUGE. All I could think was, wow, those lounge chairs are really strong. They were sitting very near us and it was hard not to stare, because they were such an unlikely pair.

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is people-watch anyway. Actually I enjoy doing that anywhere. I've spent countless hours doing it in nightclubs. When your mate is a musician and on the bandstand and you're sitting alone, you gotta find some way to entertain yourself. I'm always fascinated by couplings. I'm sure my boyfriend and I look like an unlikely pair to some people, too. But I have to say that the couple we saw today was defiinitely one of the most unique.


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