Sunday, December 21, 2003


To get from our place to downtown, we climb and descend a hill on a road that offers a gorgeous view of Magens Bay and the ocean on the way to town and a panoramic view of downtown (Charlotte Amalie) and the harbor on the descent. As we descend into town on particularly clear days, we can also see the outline of St. Croix (40 miles south) and Culebra (a Puerto Rican island) about 20 miles to the southwest. As residents, we've grown accustomed to the view, but it's one that inspires vanloads of tourists to stop and take pictures. As we were driving into town yesterday morning to go to breakfast, we saw that there are currently half a dozen white yachts anchored along the waterfront downtown. During season (now), it's not unusual to find gorgeous, spectacular, world-class yachts anchored just across the street from the downtown shopping district. To get an idea of some of the yachts that visit St. Thomas, go here.

Yesterday afternoon as we were kicking back on the deck of our neighborhood beach cafe having a late lunch, we saw a sailboat motor into the bay and anchor there. As we looked out at the sailboat, boyfriend said that he was scheduled to play on one of the waterfront yachts on New Year's Eve. I knew that someone had called him for a New Year's gig, but couldn't remember where it was. I said I hadn't realized that it was on a yacht. He said the yacht was supposed to go to Tortola (in the British Virgin Islands), spend the night and return the next day. I said, "What?!? You didn't tell me you were going to Tortola for New Year's Eve?! Where are you guys staying?" He said he guessed they'd be staying on the yacht. To which I replied, "Oh, HELL no!" He let me squirm for a minute before he laughed said that was the original plan, but now it was going to stay anchored at the waterfront. Brat!

A New Year's Eve gig is always my least favorite to attend. Think about it: how much fun can it be to sit alone all night and not even get a midnight kiss because your mate is on the bandstand as the band counts down to midnight? Last year I didn't even go to his New Year's Eve gig at the Ritz-Carlton. I stayed home, dozed on the couch and woke up in time to see the ball drop...and that was perfectly fine with me.

Late last night, he asked if I planned to come to his gig on St. John this evening. I said no...and asked why he thought I might. He said that (as I know) not all of these gigs are fun for him, so if he sits through them then I should have to sit through a few, too. I laughed and reminded him that I've been to HUNDREDS of his gigs. Those days are over, pal! I reached a point years ago where I realized that he wasn't going to love me any less if I stopped going to his gigs. I used to think I had to go to show my support. But truthfully I'd just as soon be at home with a good book. I always love HIS playing but sometimes the gigs just aren't fun. Either the other players suck or the song selection is lame or it's in a venue where I feel awkward sitting by myself all night or whatever. So now I'm picky. I save myself for the juicy gigs, and then it's a joy to be there...instead of an endurance test.


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