Monday, December 08, 2003

Sweet Surprise

I LOVE my boyfriend! He stayed home from work today since he wasn't feeling well this morning. I razzed him that it was really because he didn't want to work in the rain, since it was pouring when he called in (but we only had a morning shower, followed by cloudy skies all day). I can never predict how he'll end up spending a day off, because left to his own devices at home, he can create all kinds of (sometimes zany) activities for himself.

Today he felt inspired to program a bunch of numbers into speed dial on our new portable phone. I know this because he programmed my work number and called it to make sure it was working. He also told me that he carved the remaining meat off the turkey carcass, and then he mentioned something about making a surprise for me. I said, "Turkey soup?!" And he said, "Something like that..." So I walked in the door late this afternoon and walked straight to the kitchen, expecting to find a big pot of turkey soup. I saw our big pot on the stove, but it was empty. I whined, "You didn't make any soup!" as I peeked at him under the kitchen cabinets where he was sitting at his keyboard on the other side of the counter. He didn't really say anything, just sort of gave me a funny look. Then I opened the fridge because I suddenly had the bright idea that maybe he'd made the soup hours earlier and refrigerated it. But when I opened the fridge I didn't find turkey soup...I found a plate of the cutest little sweet potato pie tarts you ever saw. I actually squealed with delight. He'd discovered we had one large yam left, and there was still some pie crust dough in the fridge...but I still don't know what inspired him to grab the muffin tin instead of the pie pan, especially since he'd never baked a pie in his life until last Sunday when he made his first sweet potato pie. So that was my surprise: miniature sweet potato pies made by my one and only swee-tart.


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