Sunday, November 16, 2003

One cookie!

I agree with Anna that her idea is brilliant! Here ya go, gals...for all those Saturday nights spent at home alone. Hey, I'm in a relationship, but I spend plenty of Saturday nights alone when boyfriend's at a gig and I'm wandering around wishing I had just one (okay, two) of these!

Sidebar: Gawd, men are annoying sometimes. Imagine you're sprawled on the couch, surfing on the laptop with one hand and savoring a big mug of tea with the other...when suddenly your mate calls your name from outside (because he works for a couple of hours on Sunday mornings) think, "What the hell does he want?!" because you're extremely annoyed at having your Sunday morning reverie you sullenly walk out onto the balcony, look down at him where he's sitting in a golf cart on the cart path directly below you, and say, "Whaaaaat?!?"...and he says, "Wanna go to Office Max?"...and you say, 'Is THAT why you got me out here?"...and he starts to laugh...and drives away. Ass.

Translation: This is his way of admitting he's been acting like a grouchy jerk for the last few hours and trying to make it up to me. And yes, I laughed in spite of myself.


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