Saturday, November 15, 2003

Is Noah in the neighborhood?

All three islands in the USVI have experienced an extraordinary amount of rain in the last week. (It seems astounding to me now that we spent last Saturday at the beach...will the sun EVER shine again?) My employer, who's lived here his entire life, said he's never seen an extended period of rain like this. How much rain, you ask? Well, on St. Thomas figures vary between 7 and 12 the last 6 days or so.

We just returned from the cruise ship dock area where we went to breakfast at our favorite Yankee breakfast spot...I had my (very gray) roots touched up...and we hit the bookstore. We woke to partly cloudy skies; in fact, there was even a little sun. We had one rain shower mid-morning (followed by a not-uncommon power outage), but it cleared and it was sunny and warm the whole time we were in town. We experienced the sun just long enough that I actually wished I had brought my sunglasses. (Psych!) We arrived home just as another shower began to fall. And now it's raining...hard.

I know, I know, it's hard to feel sorry for people who live in a gorgeous, lush tropical destination who ("boo hoo") have a few rain showers. But our infrastructure (a fancy-schmany word for our narrow, winding, steep, pothole-laden island roads) can't take this much rain. We have flooding, mudslides and pieces of asphalt washing away. Yesterday the Governor declared a state of emergency...and actually instituted a curfew from 8 pm last night to 6 am this morning. As former Oregonians, we were like, "Whaaaa...? It's just some RAIN!" (And it's not like it's COLD rain--the temperature is still in the 80's.) Needless to say, local politicians have a flair for the dramatic.

Everything feels wet. Massive rain + naturally high humidity = EVERYTHING feels wet. We got into the car this morning to discover that we must have a tiny leak in one of the windows because the floor behind the passenger seat is now officially a puddle. The golf course has been closed for most of the week...but it sure is green! Boyfriend has not only lost work hours at the course this week, but he also had a gig cancellation Tuesday evening. He was scheduled to play a boat called the Kon Tiki that cruises around the harbor. (It's sort of a floating tiki hut.)

Everyone is ready for the rain to stop. It's filling everyone's cisterns, but enough already! We're ready to start complaining about the heat again.


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