Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Jammies weather

We're experiencing an absolute deluge of rain as I write this. We've had rain and thunderstorms off and on for about a week. I'm home from work today in honor of Veteran's Day (or more appropriately for me, my niece's 6th birthday). My boyfriend just came home for his morning break and ate soup. He offered to share, but clam chowder for breakfast didn't sound good. But it is definitely soup weather. I even broke out the new flannel jammies I picked up at Target when we were recently stateside. The condo's a mess, there's a ton of laundry to be done, mail to be gone through, dishes to wash, etc. And all I feel like doing is lying here in my jammies, reading newspaper after magazine after newspaper online, looking out at and listening to the downpour (because it's still warm and the sliding glass doors are open) and waiting for my sweetie to come home early...because surely in this weather they're going to close the golf course at any moment.


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