Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Little Things

Thanks to Shannon for the earrings and to Megan for the pin. It's fun swapping handmade goodies through the mail.

A very happy birthday to my Aunt Betty in Phoenix who turns a youthful 81 today. I spoke to her a short time ago. She had just returned home after a fun-filled afternoon with her oldest daughter. The good times included lunch at Coco's and a trip to the Dollar Store. Aunt Betty LOVES the Dollar Store and I don't blame her--I love dollar stores, too! She said she has suggested to her daughters that they have a "Dollar Store Christmas"...only presents purchased at the Dollar Store allowed. I think that's a great idea.

Just like opening your mail and finding a handmade goodie wrapped inside a sweet note from someone you've never met. So do something thoughtful for someone this week...something unexpected. Send a handmade something to someone...or buy someone a treat at the Dollar Store. Because sometimes little things can brighten our day in a big way.


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