Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Dark Shadows

My love was at his regular Monday jazz gig on St. John last night, so I spent the evening watching a little TV, surfing the web and doing laundry.

I had done an hour walk with my neighbor right after he left. We walked to the beach, did a "lap" there and then walked back. There was a lovely pinkish sunset and the colors looked beautiful reflected in the gentle waters of Magens Bay. My walking friend has lived here for 20 years and still marvels daily at the beauty that surrounds us. As we were enjoying the sunset colors at the beach, she reminded me that when I get to California and Oregon next month (and especially if it's gray and raining), I'm probably really going to miss all this beauty I have right in my neighborhood and take so much for granted. I agreed that that was probably true.

The highlight of our evening was the return of "Oprah" on our cable system. When a local station decided it wanted to be the CBS affiliate, we lost WSEE in Erie, PA which had been our CBS station...and our "Oprah" station. Now our independent Channel 2 station here on St. Thomas has been added to Oprah's syndicated network. AND, they're airing her show in the evenings, at 7:30. So this was quite exciting for us. I finally picked up some decaf espresso beans yesterday (after going without coffee for days after my disastrous 1-day experiment of drinking "regular" coffee last week). So I made some decaf, grabbed half a brownie I had left over from lunch, and sat down to watch Ah-nold and Maria on Oprah's season premiere. I felt like I was livin' large, let me tell ya! (We middle-aged women get our kicks where we can.)

Later, when I was TV-d and internet-ed out, I turned everything off and stepped outside onto the balcony to look at the night sky. The moon was beginning to rise behind the hill across the way from us...and it was so BRIGHT. Before the moon even showed its face, it was backlighting the clouds that were moving east (unusual, since the wind usually blows from east to west, but it was probably a side effect of Isabel). It looked eerie...and it instantly reminded me of the gothic soap opera from my childhood, "Dark Shadows." That show used to creep me out no end (one of the characters was a vampire, for pete's sake), but I'd still watch it after school. Sitting on the carpet with my legs splayed outward, about two feet in front of our giant, boxy black-and-white TV, with a bowl of Nestle-Quik in front of me (no milk required...what a weird kid), transfixed. Creeped out, but transfixed. You gotta hand it to whoever came up with the concept for that show. It certainly stood out from all of the other 60's soaps, that's for sure. I can remember my mother telling me about listening to "The Shadow" on the radio when she was a girl. I guess every child needs a little horror in her life. Better to have it in a fantasy world...than the real one.


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