Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Yesterday my mate wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home from work. I arrived home from my job in the late afternoon to find him sprawled on the couch, watching DVD's. (Hmmmm, he doesn't LOOK sick...) In his defense, he had felt pretty awful in the morning. I tweaked my back (in a silly fashion) so as the day wore on yesterday, it felt worse and worse. I really wanted to leave the office early--all I could think about all afternoon was...lying down. But I stuck it out (why, I don't know). And when I got home, my love (feeling better himself) waited on me hand and foot all evening. It was lovely!

My walking partner was still down for the count with her cold, so we took a "sick day" from our routine. I'm feeling good today though. I didn't have enough decaf espresso beans this morning to make a sufficient amount of coffee, so I had to supplement them with some regular (caffeinated) Puerto Rican stuff that's been hiding in the fridge. Let's hope that between PMS...the full moon...and a touch of "real" coffee, I can maintain a sense of sanity today!

We reside in hurricane country, so this time of year (it's peak hurricane season right now) we're always mindful of the weather forecast. We breathed a huge sigh of relief when Hurricane Fabian passed us by...and then watched with empathic horror as he ran right over Bermuda last Friday. So imagine our shock when we woke Saturday morning to find out there was already another named tropical storm in the far eastern Atlantic...Isabel. She quickly grew to a hurricane and moved right up the charts from a Category 1 to a Category 4. She's expected to reach Category 5 status today (when winds exceed 150 mph). She's a snarling, feisty, PMS'y sorta gal...puts Fabian to shame. We've been keeping a close eye on her (sort of like how my beau looks at me when I have PMS...watchful and wary...'cause you just don't know what to expect...) Forecasters had us a little worried when they said she might start moving in a straight westerly fashion...and maybe even dip a little southwest this weekend...right when she was over our islands. But the forecast today looks much better. She's already almost at latitude 21 (we're at 18.3). She's high enough -- latitude-wise -- to make a straight westerly track (vs. a northwesterly one) look like she'll pass almost 200 miles north of us. Worst case scenario at this point would mean tropical storm-force winds this weekend. Best cast scenario would mean some high surf and a little rain. But we're still keeping a close eye on her until we get closer to the weekend, since there's about a 200 mile margin of error in the tracking models. (Comforting, huh?)