Saturday, September 06, 2003

My walking partner and I varied our route this morning. We took a road she's familiar with but which I had never ventured onto. We walked up to the site of some rich guy's house that's been under construction for what has seemed like ages. (You can see it from our neighborhood public beach.) Walking along that road early this warm morning while it was still shaded, we encountered only the occasional car heading to or from the hoity-toity neighborhoods on that peninsula (a favorite of Presidents and Vice Presidents) and couple of cyclists, and we were treated to a fabulous view of our gorgeous neighborhood (and favorite) beach.

My mate and I followed that with a trip TO the beach...for a morning swim...and some breakfast. It's hard to beat wolfing down a stack of fluffy pancakes while sitting in your bikini at a picnic table on a world-class beach. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

We breathed a huge sigh of relief when Hurricane Fabian passed us by...and then felt awfully bad for Bermuda when it clobbered them yesterday. Now we're keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Isabel. But she's quite far away...a lot could happen in the next week. If we're lucky, she'll have broken up by next weekend (when she would be near us)...or at the very least, she'll stay out over open water. But it's that time: hurricane season. We've been incredibly lucky so far. Hard to believe this is our fourth hurricane season here. The depressing part is that hurricane season is six months long -- from June 1 through November 30. But the peak time is now -- late August, September.

But back to this morning's walk. For some reason (maybe it was the warmth...or the setting of the particular road we were on...or the look of the trees) I really had SUMMER on the brain. And all that that implies for me. And I thought it was kind of odd that it would be the last days of the season before I missed it, because I really miss summertime in the States. I miss the whole summer vibe on the mainland. The music festivals...the county fairs (corny, I know)...camping...rivers...a slice of a great fruit pie...picking blackberries...barbecuing in the backyard or in a park. (We have a Weber on our balcony, but concrete BBQ'ing just isn't the same as lawn BBQ'ing.) I just flat-out miss the LAND. People often tell us they envy being able to live on a tropical island and I can understand that. But one can get tired of any gorgeous setting if that's all your diet ever consists of. I miss being able to mix it up in the summertime...the ocean...the rivers...the lakes...the mountains...the desert...whatever.

Living here is a bit like "Groundhog Day." It's pretty much 85 degrees year-round. We're ALWAYS enjoying "summer," by mainland standards. Look: see me walking or at the could be September 6th...or December 19th...or May 27th... It's...all...basically...the...same.


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