Monday, September 08, 2003

My walking partner came down with a cold today. So it was straight from office to bed for her. It was a gorgeous day--and I'd been cooped up in the office all day--so I could have gone out for a walk alone. just felt so good to get home, get out of my work clothes, sit down...and veg. I guess I deserve a day off. I can make it up by walking at lunchtime tomorrow. It's not a weight issue for me. I'm one of those thin people so many hate--I have to eat a lot just to keep my weight on. For me it's a fit issue. Skinny girls need to be fit, too!

My boyfriend had already left for his gig so I had the whole evening stretching out before me. First order of business: food, because I was starving. But since I was solo I nixed any thought of cooking--just felt too lazy. Dinner consisted of an entire bag of buttered microwave popcorn. I ate it so fast I may have broken the land speed record. I read once that crunchy foods (chips, nuts, popcorn, etc.) are sometimes what we crave and grab first when we're feeling angry. Hmmmm. That sounds about right! I'd had an irritating day at work, so it felt good to CRUNCH.

When my boyfriend is at gigs I sometimes like to enjoy the total quiet. Off goes the TV and sometimes even the stereo. I have crickets and tree frogs in Dolby...tough to beat a soundtrack like that! I took a nice long soak in a bubble bath and then stepped outside to get a good look at that big ol' moon in the Eastern sky. Not many stars out. Most nights we see zillions of them.

I love full moons, although I typically don't sleep very well during them. One of my best memories here is the time my boyfriend and I took his maintenance golf cart (that he'd driven home from work...we live on a golf course and he works days there) and had a full moon picnic on the most scenic spot on the course. We packed some food, grabbed a couple of blankets and pillows and drove out to the 14th hole, which overlooks the Atlantic and several of the British Virgin Islands. We parked the cart with the back of it facing the moon (think of a teensy, tiny flatbed...sort of like that). We laid out the blankets and pillows in the back of the cart and enjoyed our best picnic ever. The moonlight was reflected on the ocean and we had a beautiful nighttime view. Pretty romantic, too! (Shhh, don't tell're not supposed to be on the course after'll be our little secret.)


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