Sunday, September 28, 2003

Home Depot

Yesterday as we were heading into town to run some errands, we drove past the almost-completed Home Depot. I'm quite excited about having Home Depot here -- and I'm not even a homeowner. It'll just be nice to have it here...just in case. That was yesterday...

This morning I was surfing the internet and somewhere (can't remember now) came across an article on sculptor Stefanie Nagorka. She lives in New Jersey, but used to have a studio in Manhattan until the financial setbacks of a divorce a couple of years ago forced her to give it up. She uses a lot of concrete materials in her sculptures and came up with the idea that instead of hauling the materials home from Home Depot, she would simply create her sculptures inside the stores without purchasing the materials. So that's her new project: creating sculptures in the aisles of Home Depots, photographing them and leaving them to be...dismantled by employees?...acquired by customers? And it got me to thinking how possibilities for "guerrilla art" exist all around us. Think about it...then think about it some more. Stefanie thought outside the box...and ended up in the aisle.

Now I must dash to see what Mr. Scorsese has done with the blues. Kind of sad that PBS is relying on one of our most brilliant ITALIAN directors to "explain" the blues to us. I've set the VCR in case boyfriend wants to watch it when he gets home from his gig. But having spent a big chunk of his career playing the blues, I don't any 'splainin' is necessary...


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