Wednesday, October 22, 2003

TV Land

I wouldn't normally use this blog to write about my TV viewing habits, but this is just too good.

Boyfriend is at a gig, so while he's off playing polite dinner jazz I thought I'd indulge in some serious chick TV. I checked out the premiere of the Courtney Cox-produced "Mix It Up" on WE. I have to say I found it quite disappointing. I actually like "Trading Spaces," but this show makes "TS" look like high art. I thought it was really bad...and cheesy. Of course, there's "good" bad and "bad" bad. Because that was followed by...

The premiere of "Diva Detectives - Las Vegas." Given the "real life Charlie's Angels" promo, I just had to watch. My family's been in the bail business for decades and my brother's always done his own bounty hunting, so he's intimately familiar with surveillance and hunting people down. I was curious to see what kind of cases these three Vegas chicks would be handling.

Just like "Charlie's Angels," it begins with a briefing at "the agency." Their blonde female boss appears on camera and briefs them as if they're heading off on some kind of undercover CIA operation. The first case involved a real estate agent who was posing as the owner of his clients' homes and using them to entertain. The second case involved a woman who wanted her Pomeranian snatched from her ex-boyfriend who refused to give it up. Really. (What, Ace Ventura wasn't available?)

The detectives' chatter is so inane that one can only hope there's not a staff of writers coming up with this stuff. If so, how do I get a gig like that? Because it's gotta be highly entertaining to make them sound like such airheads. You really have to see it to believe it. They act as if they've just rescued Jessica Lynch. There's a lot of breathless drama...over nothing.

BUT, the best part is the "Diva Timeout," when the gals head off the spa between cases for manicures and pedicures...and more inane chatter. Surely this will become a cult hit. Only something this bad could be so mindlessly entertaining.


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