Monday, November 03, 2003

Celebrity Blogs

I can't say I read very many celeblogs, mainly because I'm not aware of many. Not that I would tend to think that any "celebrity" would read more interestingly than all the blogs I do read and enjoy. But if you'd like to check out a few that I do occasionally read, here they are:

Once in awhile I might check Bill Maher's blog...but truthfully, I'm not really a Maher fan.

What I like about Jeff Bridges' site is that it's all handwritten, so his blog includes his doodles and artwork. He doesn't post very often. He's currently promoting his book of photographs...proceeds to benefit The Motion Picture and Television Fund.

I'm almost entirely unfamiliar with Moby's music, but I enjoy reading his Tour Diary. Sort of a misnomer since it's really his daily blog, even when he's not on the road. He posts a LOT (often more than once a day). He's co-sponsoring a contest with to solicit 30-second ads exposing the real George W. If you'd like more info, go here.

But my absolute favorite celebrity blog belongs to Margaret Cho. She rocks!! She posts pretty much daily and they're long, well-written missives. Check out her 10/30 post...go to the last paragraph (after the sex scandal part) and read how she's always leaving social gatherings acting like she's got somewhere better to go... (Turns out she's also one of the judges of the "bushin30seconds" contest.)


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