Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Not Diggin' It

I can already tell that today's gonna be one of those hormonally-fueled days where EVERYTHING is gonna piss me off. Boyfriend asked me, on his way out the door, if I would e-mail his bio to someone. Now that's not a big deal and only takes a few minutes, but he spent HOURS on the laptop last night. I place such a premium on my before-work's ME time. It's MINE...ALL MINE...that precious hour or so before I have to get ready to go to the "factory." And he was infringing on it, dammit! Do your own P.R. work! I get tired of always being the organized one.

I saw an article online recently (N.Y. Times? Sunday? can't remember exactly) about a Harvard study that showed a definite link between creativity and mental illness. Now I'm not trying to imply that anyone in my household is mentally ill--and I'd like to think that I'm creative, too, in my own ways--but damn, sometimes these performers act a little too helpless when it comes to the business side.

So now because I was awake half the night (and killed time trying to get sleepy by surfing and reading a lot of blogs), I'm tired and behind schedule...and now it's already time to get off the laptop. I need to focus on something positive. Here's one thing: I beaded a necklace last night while BF was surfing and we were watching Sting on Oprah. (Yes, she airs here in the evenings.) I hadn't done any beading in months, so that's a good thing. Now I'm gonna go rustle up something to wear that'll show off the new beads.

Shannon inspired me to get beading again. Check out her earrings!


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