Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hello Sunshine!

Or at least that's what I said yesterday morning as our first full day of sun arrived. And boy, was she welcome! I walked around a bit at lunchtime yesterday and it was like old times...mid-80's...lots of tourists wandering Main Street and the Waterfront (we had 5 cruise ships in port yesterday.) I always feel badly for the tourists when they happen to arrive during inclement weather, because it's surely not what they had in mind when they booked their cruise. But yesterday's visitors looked happy...and dazed in that "How much shopping can we do?" sort of way.

Our neighborhood beach (the prime beach destination for cruise ship passengers) got the "all clear" on Tuesday morning and the "No Swimming" signs were taken down. Officials had discouraged swimming until the run-off and debris from the recent rainstorms had cleared the bay.

I arrived home late yesterday afternoon, walked into our condo and instantly thought, "I LOVE being at home!" I guess I just love it a lot more when the sun is shining. We live in a tiny condo (and I would have never pictured myself as a condo dweller), but it's not the place that I love--it's the setting. I love the privacy...the deep darkness at night (it's so nice to have the stars back!)...the verdant fairways of the golf course (especially after all this rain)...the surrounding hills...the pond right below us (which is still recovering)...and that blue Atlantic (which is back to blue after turning brown near the shore due to rainstorm runoff.) I don't want to live here forever (and I long for the mainland DAILY), but I guess I just love being at home here.

Yesterday morning I was rushing around to get ready for work at the last minute because I wanted to finish Anne Lamott's "Blue Shoe." I quite enjoyed it, and I'll probably re-read it. For those who know my reading tastes, it's probably surprising that it's the first time I've read her. Having lived in Marin County for many years, I'm familiar with the places and landmarks she mentions in her I not only got drawn into the characters, it seemed familiar.

At lunchtime yesterday I began her "Traveling Mercies." Although I don't consider myself a Christian (8 years of daily Mass and being taught by nuns cured me of that), I still wanted to read it. I like the first few passages. I had to laugh when she writes about attending Mass with her Catholic friend and how Catholics " to be so conceited because they were Catholics." It's true! I've always believed that there's an inherent snobbery in Catholicism. After all, how many other religions have a Pope? And the Vatican? And more money than you can shake a stick at? And untold (probably stolen) art treasures? Catholicism always seemed to be such a convenient religion. You could get drunk, sleep with your neighbor's spouse, lie to your mate, whatever...and as long as you went to confession and Sunday Mass, all would be forgiven. Welcome, we're the church of hard-drinking adulterers...and pedophiles. But we like EMPLOY the pedophiles. (Now you see why I'm not a Catholic.)