Thursday, December 04, 2003

Celebrity Hairstyles

So I was sitting in my stylist's chair after work yesterday, getting my hair cut, when she mentioned that she was supposed to do Joan Rivers' hair for 10 days. Whaaa??!!?? Turns out Joan is going to be here for 10 days (over the holidays, I presume) and her management contacted my stylist about the gig. Joan wants her hair styled each day at 5 pm. My stylist sent them a contract and asked them to fax it back to her by a certain date with a 50% deposit. She hadn't heard back from them but had decided that if she does, she'll ask them for even more money since they missed her deadline. And if she doesn't hear back from them, she said she could care less because as she puts it, "I have a life to lead." I said, "Gee, Joan doesn't strike me as the tropical type." She replied, "Yeah, I know, the humidity, the bugs..." Although it's not like she's gonna be camping on the beach.

After my haircut, I managed to squeeze in some Xmas shopping, even though almost all of the shops in that neighborhood close at 5:00. Every year at this time, I marvel over the fact that these shop owners want residents to purchase their holidays gifts in their stores, but they don't stay open long enough for people to shop after work. Bizarre.

Then I met the boyfriend for dinner at our new favorite restaurant, which we hadn't been to in awhile. And we were in for a pleasant surprise, because they have a new chef from New Orleans (who walked through the restaurant and introduced himself to each diner) and it was the first day they were using their new menu. We had a catfish nugget appetizer, I had the vegetarian jambalaya (enough for a small regiment...I'll be eating the leftovers for lunch today) and boyfriend had the Italian sausage served in a roux with rice. He practically licked his plate. N'Awlins food! In the West Indies! Good gawd, he's in heaven! And here's the topper: he arrived a few minutes late at the restaurant...because he'd been at home baking another sweet potato pie (we had filling and crust left over from our big Sunday feast). Now, I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but getting to spend my evening eating some yummy New Orleans-influenced food and then going home to further stuff myself with sweet potato pie--that was baked by my boyfriend!...well, it just doesn't get much better than that for me.


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