Saturday, December 13, 2003

Golf Widow Film Fest

Boyfriend is playing in a golf tournament both days this weekend. There are countless tournaments year-round, but there are four that he never misses. I think in his mind it's his own version of "the majors." This weekend's is one of those "major" tournaments. I swear, he gets more nervous about playing in a silly little golf tournament at his hometown course than he does about playing on stage in front of 10,000 people. Men.

So since I'll be a "golf widow" this weekend, I plan to have my own little DVD film fest. Our Sam Goody store downtown is going out of business. (Which is a drag because it's just a couple of blocks from my office and basically the only place downtown where I can buy CD's and DVD's.) The DVD's are 25% off (I'm sure there will be a larger reduction later, but they were already pretty picked over by the time I got there yesterday.) I bought four and plan to revel in "chick flicks" all weekend: "The Hours" (loved the book), "The Virgin Suicides," "Kissing Jessica Stein" and "Gosford Park." Okay, "Gosford Park" isn't technically a chick flick, but I doubt you'd find a lot of guys reaching to buy it over, say, anything featuring Halle Berry. And besides, we've always thought we should see "Gosford Park" (we missed it when it was here) because it was winning all kinds of awards at the same time as boyfriend's friend's film two years ago. So we certainly heard a lot about it when it was in wide release.

I'll make the obligatory appearance on the balcony when boyfriend makes it to this part of the course in a few hours. I'll wince consolingly if he's made a bad shot...and give him a big smile if he's made a great one. But until then, I'll be reveling in chick flicks.


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