Monday, January 05, 2004

Beach Etiquette

Let me give you a few tips on beach etiquette for your next tropical vacation:

1) Don't litter our beaches. There are garbage cans lining the length of the beach. Use them.

2) Don't throw a frisbee or kick a soccer ball around when you're surrounded by a lot of people. If you hit someone with the frisbee and an hour later hit her with the soccer ball, chances are you need to find a more unpopulated section of beach for your little games.

3) Smoking is offensive to the people sitting next to you...even outdoors. And don't throw your frigging butts in the sand.

4) Before you shake out your sandy towel, check to see which way the wind is blowing.

5) Don't be rude to the employees who staff the cafe or bar or gift shop. Trust me, it only makes YOU look like an ass. (Example: Last weekend, a guy who looked about 14 came to the bar asking to be served. The bartender asked for ID. He returned with ID, she made his drinks and he paid her...minus a tip. She told him that since he's only 18 and not old enough to drink in the States he probably doesn't know bar etiquette yet, but that it's customary to tip the bartender. He said when he got good service he'd leave a tip. She said good luck getting served the rest of the day.)


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