Wednesday, June 02, 2004


When we arrived at the beach this afternoon, we found a large crocodile sculpted in the sand near "our" tree. It was done in great detail and it was quite fabulous. Later, a man with a blonde boy trailing behind him walked past. The boy looked to be about five, and this was the exchange we overheard:

Man, pointing: There's a crocodile in the sand.
Boy: He's not real.
Man: He's still cool though.
Boy: You want me to destroy it?

This reminded my mother of when my youngest niece was taken to a Britney Spears concert a couple of years ago when she was four. (I have no idea why you'd take a four-year-old to a Britney concert, but that's another story.) After the fact, my mother was asking my niece about the concert. In describing it, she suddenly looked at her grandmother in all seriousness and said, "She's real you know."

This tickled us as we tried to imagine how she viewed Britney prior to the concert. I guess on TV she must have seemed to my niece like some sort of live-action cartoon figure (an assessment many wouldn't argue with.)


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