Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas on St. Thomas

This was a glorious day. I was awake before 7:00. Spent some time on the laptop doing some organizing in my various email accounts. At 8:15, I split for the beach to go for a walk before the place was crawling with tourists. The boyfriend was knocked out, so I left him a note. There couldn't have been more than 20 of us along a mile-long beach. I saw an elderly gentleman doing a very slow crawl in the bay...a middle-aged West Indian couple who were walking very slowly (I lapped them)...7 or 8 white women who were gathered in a circle in a clump of trees doing exercises...two West Indian women who had donned their swim caps and were starting their holiday off with a swim.

Boyfriend was awake when I got home. He was lying in bed watching a drumming video. I made coffee and caught up on some email, leaving him to get fully awake. Once he was up, we opened our gifts from my folks (the only gifts we had to left to open since we had given each other gifts all week without wrapping them!) Then we put on our bathing suits, packed up the sand chairs and headed off for a day at the beach.

We were there at least six hours. I walked some more. We had lunch and then settled in for some power lounging. We read, boyfriend listened to CD's, we swam...and dozed. We called all of my family from the beach--my Dad and stepmother and then my brother and his family (and my mother was with them.) We spoke to H. after we got home. We had an early dinner, and now we're fat and happy. We thought about going to a movie, but we're so relaxed we think we'll just stay in and either watch one of the movies on cable or one of our new DVD's. It's been a beautiful and relaxing day. Hope yours was pleasurable, however you spent it.

Here are a few photos:


Blogger Katherine said...

. . . this sounds like a fabulous day . . . you guys seem to have the most peaceful resonant relationship . . . know each other so well and give each other space and ease . . . plus you guys are so cute :) Love the pic on the beach . . . :) K

9:59 AM  

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