Monday, March 15, 2004

Birthday Boy

Our friends' son, Joseph, turned one on Friday and they had a party for him yesterday afternoon. He had just fallen asleep when we arrived, so we didn't get to see him up and about for awhile. The party was held in the pool area of the condo complex where they live. It's a nice setting--high up on a hill, overlooking the harbor and southwest part of the island (including the airport). But it seemed like a big to-do for such a little guy. I mean, was a DJ really necessary? I realize that was for the adults, but I could have done without the blasting music. (It's amazing what kids can sleep through.)

When Joe woke from his nap, he was (not surprisingly) a tad cranky. He didn't feel like blowing out the lone candle on his cake (and he had two--one was shaped like Elmo, the party's mascot) so his parents asked his little playmate who has the same caregiver if she would do it. She made a wish on Joe's behalf, told him what it was and blew out the candle. It was sweet. But they didn't let him open his presents. Boyfriend kept saying to me, "If they'd just let him rip into his gifts, I'm sure he'd be entertained for awhile..." Finally, as we were sitting in a corner of the poolhouse and Daddy came by with the birthday boy, we asked if we could slip him one of our gifts. We'd gotten him two: a Playskool learning tool that looks like a Palm Pilot that teaches letters and numbers and a Sesame Street Elmo guitar. (You know we had to give him SOMETHING related to music.)

We opened the guitar for him and that was all it took. It was a big hit. It has three buttons on the neck; each one plays a different electric guitar riff. He was sitting in boyfriend's lap "playing" the guitar and rocking out. And Joe LOVES to dance. When the DJ switched from calypso to R&B, Joe started bustin' a move. It was hilarious. He'd plant his feet fairly wide apart and start swiveling his hips...well, you just had to see it. Let's just say his big sister who's a senior in high school and watches a fair amount of BET may have been a strong influence. It tickled me no end. He's a cute kid to begin with...throw in some "Soul Train" moves and I'm a fan for life.


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