Friday, June 11, 2004

fine tuning

If you were a musical instrument, which would you be?

Me, I think I'd be a bass. But not an upright bass--too stuffy. (Too bow-tie-y.) I'd be an electric bass. Five-string. Not that there's anything wrong with a good ol' four-string Fender bass--lord knows many a tasty bass line has been laid down with one--but I think I'd like to be a five-string. Six strings? Too showy.

Some people might think I'd choose to be drums, since my love affair with them began in childhood (not when I met my drummer boyfriend), but I think I'm a bass. The bass is part of the rhythm section, but it's the least flashy part of it. It's sometimes easier for people to hear the piano or drums, but it's the bass that's laying down the bottom to blend with the percussive sounds of the other two.

And tone is important. One of my oldest friends is a bass player and he's tortured me on several occasions by dragging me to music stores so he can try out different basses mixed with different pre-amps. It's all about the tone, baby! I've spent way too much time in music stores with him trying my patience by excitedly pleading, "Okay, remember that tone. Now compare it to this..." He's neurotic as hell (not just about basses) but I gotta hand it to him--his tone is beautiful. Mine wouldn't be real trebly, nor would it have too much bottom. It would be the Goldilocks' porridge of bass tones--just right.

So I think being a bass suits me: I could lay down a funky bottom that would inspire you to get your groove on, but I wouldn't be all up in your face about it.

And you, what would you be?


Boyfriend and his two (slightly) younger brothers are their own rhythm section: boyfriend on drums, youngest brother on keyboards and middle brother on bass. (There are also three sisters younger than the brothers; the youngest sister is a great vocalist. You can see why their Mom and Dad still dream that someday the kids will make a 'family album.') The middle (quiet) brother is not only a monster bass player, he's also a world-class bass builder. Check out a few models here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be a flute. Especially for Jean-Pierre Rampal, but also for The Marshall Tucker band and Jethro Tull types AND for native american music--- you are SO right about the bass perception (or lack thereof). I remember watching Tina Weymouth of The Talking Heads and saying to my brother she's not even doing anything. And he said (dryly) yeah, nothing except keeping the bass line for the whole band. LOL

bluepoppy -

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