Saturday, June 05, 2004

Land of the Giants

I wonder, could it be because I come from a place where things are oversized--like this...or this--that I'm rarely anything? It's not that I'm a snob--I hardly come from a snob-manufacturing town, after all. It's just that most things in life have fallen far short of my expectations. How did I come to have such high-falutin' expectations anyway?

I've visited places I imagined would thrill me--NYC, Paris, New Orleans--and although I've had fabulous times in those places and others, I've never really felt that wow factor. Or is it just that once something's real--once I'm actually THERE (wherever "there" is) or doing IT (whatever "it" is)--it just doesn't hold that magical luster I gave it in my mind?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same thing will generally happen to me. And of course, on the flip side of that plane... it'll be the places I never expected to WOW me that do.


In other news, when I was a kid I used to believe that every time I put on an Olivia Newton-John album, she'd have to sing into a microphone she must have carried around with her everywhere she went. I eventually felt so guilty for bothering her I stopped playing it.

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