Friday, June 25, 2004


...I'd spend the rest of my life traveling the world without a permanent home
...I'd live in a world where a piece of government paper doesn't determine whether or not I'm 'married' to someone
...I'd spend my days writing
...I'd be the best auntie in the whole world
...I'd have a place at home just for 'play' things and not necessarily 'grown-up' ones either (crayons, finger paints, construction paper, beads, beach glass, glitter, rubber-handled scissors, teddy bears)
...I'd bring writers and musicians into schools and have them improvise together
...I'd never work in an office again
...I'd drive across America camping the entire way
...I'd give workshops
...I'd own a space that would be a combo coffee (and tea) house/performance space/newstand/bookstore/drive-in theatre
...I'd have my own line of greeting cards
...I'd be unafraid to take the pictures I'd like to take
...I'd own a trailer or motorhome and revel in being 'trailer trash'
...I'd get a massage every day
...I'd carry a Polaroid with me everywhere, letting go of my attachment to 'permanent' photos
...I'd go to a lot of baseball games
...I'd have a gaggle of girlfriends spread across the world who'd want to meet periodically to inspire each other
...I'd stop trying to be anything remotely like what my family wants me to be..and just
...I'd stop growing older chronologically and just continue to grow emotionally
...I'd create radio programming for kids
...I'd stop being friends with fear
...I'd never have to do housework (or cook)
...I'd spend time walking outdoors every day
...I'd be content with impermanence...and not chastise myself for thinking I 'shouldn't' crave it
...I'd visit as many bookstores as possible
...I'd wear only the clothes I like, regardless of how much they cost
...I'd operate solely from a mission of empowerment (for myself and everyone else)
...I'd find there's a big market for magic wands

Guess I'd better get busy...


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