Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Jet Airliner

Jen had a great post today about acknowledging dreams that have already come true. She wrote how sometimes we're so busy running toward our new dreams that we forget to take time to recognize those that have already come to fruition. It was a good reminder for me today. Here are a few I once dreamed of or fantasized about that I can check off my list:

*living with a man who's my soulmate
*living in the Caribbean
*seeing tons of fabulous live music shows (and that was before I met the boyfriend!)
*being an auntie
*getting sober
*being a television producer
*being paid to write
*overcoming my shyness enough to be funny
*studying dance
*traveling solo to some of my favorite cities (and Europe)


I heard a song on the radio driving home from work today that made me think of a summer, long ago. The boyfriend has gone to the gym and I'm rockin' out to this...and if I look across the room, I can see a picture of my love with headphones on, standing in front of a mike in the guy's home studio...


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