Sunday, June 13, 2004

Jelly Belly

This is where we spend most Sundays. No cruise ships today, but the locals were out in force. We ran into my friend L. and her son (13) when we arrived. She joined us for the afternoon while her son met up with some friends. We parked our chairs under a sea grape tree and kicked back. L. and I can talk. Boyfriend put his earphones in and we yakked it up. The water was just a tiny bit chilly, but it felt great once we were fully immersed. L. and I went in for awhile and later the boyfriend went for a swim. When L. and her son headed home, I went back in the water to cool off. Boyfriend was just getting out saying the water felt "weird" today...and that he felt itchy. We left shortly afterward, with him scratching all over during the short drive home. L. had asked me before we went into the water (since I recently spent nine days in a row at this beach with my visiting mother) if I'd noticed any itchiness last week after being in the water. I said I hadn't. She said it's almost time for jellyfish season. (She's lived here for 20+ years.) I think boyfriend may have come into contact with some larvae. We hit the the shower pronto! Posted by Hello


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