Saturday, July 03, 2004

Do you smell sage?

In the spirit of giving the ol' blog a good smudging (following completion of the drama outlined in today's earlier long-ass post*), I gave the old gal a new template. Just felt like a change this morning. I upped my beach time as the drama at work increased. It helped enormously. Sometimes it almost feels like a walking meditation of sorts as I make my way up and down the beach. It really accelerates the 'switching gears' process and makes for a much more fruitful use of my time in my 'real' life. Got a fire in yer belly? Me, too. Time to get back to it. Let's right that ship. ADDENDUM: *The earlier post has since been deleted. You know how sometimes you feel like writing a letter to someone but have no intention of mailing it? It was like that. I felt a lot better just having written it out. When we returned from the movie in the evening, I felt like deleting it because there was no reason to continue to give it life--it had reached a conclusion. Oh, and the 'fire' conversation above? I'm speaking to myself. Just to be clear. (I realize not everyone does that, but sometimes I do.) Posted by Hello


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