Friday, June 25, 2004


Might I suggest this as a way to end your workweek (or as a general prescription for whatever ails ya):

When you arrive home from work on Friday afternoon, make a beeline for the bedroom. Peel off your clothes and put on your oldest, funkiest swimsuit. You have others that are newer and cuter, but for total comfort you like the old faded one because it's so well-worn that it's like bikini pajamas. You throw on your favorite turquoise tank top and denim cut-offs and stick a five-dollar bill in your back pocket. You put on your shades and grab a beach towel and a white cotton hat. You kiss your love goodbye and jump in the car. A few minutes later you arrive at the beach; it's only 5:00. You leave your flip-flops in the car and head for the water. You look for a deserted stretch of beach, but there are very few people there anyway. You choose a spot right in front of the bar and snack bar which will be closing shortly. You peel off your clothes (this seems to be a pattern) and walk into the water. Two or three steps in, you see a school of fish swimming all around you. You think, "Hi, Nemo!" The water is perfect. You swim. You float on your back and look at the very blue sky and the fluffy white clouds. You think what a lucky girl you are to live in the Caribbean. You have forgotten you even have a job. You swim for awhile and then get out and hastily towel off. You throw your clothes back on, stick the hat on your head and walk to the western edge of the beach, splashing in the surf the entire way. You walk back to your original spot, remove your clothes again and go for another swim. You imagine a grown-up telling you it's time to get out. You imagine responding, "Do I HAVE to??" You get out, grab your towel off the sand and briefly dry off. You throw your clothes on, even though you're still kinda sandy. You jump back in the car and stop at Udder Delight (the dairy shack) on the way home. You walk into the shack, grab a half-gallon of coffee ice cream out of the cooler and hand the nice lady your five-dollar bill. You arrive home with a big smile on your face.

For best results, repeat as necessary. (Preferably every day.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh! Udderly fantastic! Thank you for sharing that Friday evening ritual---- ahhhh. Bluepoppy

8:59 PM  
Anonymous MSB said...

I also enjoy laying on my back and floating in the water -- I especially like doing this at the Benbow State Park.

10:36 PM  

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