Monday, August 30, 2004

Fuddy and Duddy

On the way home from the beach yesterday I said, "I'm sleepy." H. asked, "Why are you guys always sleepy?!" I said, "Because we haven't been getting much sleep." "Why haven't you been getting much sleep?" "Because we've been worried about getting you into a school." "Stop worrying!" Boyfriend and I looked at each other like, yeah...right. I said, "Once we have you settled into a school, then we'll relax."

We wanted to watch the Little League World Series last night. H. was rooting for California (which he has begun viewing as his new adopted home state, since he's hot to move there with us). Boyfriend and I felt compelled to root for our Caribbean neighbor, Curacao. I was lying on the couch and slept through maybe the first hour of the game. When I woke, I reheated leftovers for dinner and we finished watching the game. (Curacao won.) Then we switched over to the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, which were airing at the same time as the VMA's (Video Music Awards for those of you who don't follow all things MTV). Like most teenagers, H. wanted to watch the VMA's.

Even though I'm so far removed age-wise from an MTV demographic, I'd like to think I still keep up on who at least some of the artists are. And jeez, boyfriend IS a musician. But we flipped it on at one point during a commercial on the Olympics show and boyfriend and I gave each other a certain look. I said, "Baby, we're old." H. was lying on the couch and nodded his head in agreement. I said, "Daddy and I used to be hip." H. muttered, "Used to." Ha!

So we finished watching the closing ceremonies and told H. we were retiring and leaving him to his VMA's. Then the old fuddy-duddies went into the bedroom, closed the door...and got busy. We may be old....but we're not that old! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

I really liked this entry. The "gettin' busy" part cracked me up. I've been trying to keep up with all the goings-on in your family, and I am amazed at how level-headed you are despite all the things going on. Especially with a hurricane coming!

I hadn't realized what the actual ramifications of holding a kid back are. One of my brothers was held back a year, and it did bother him greatly, and I'm not sure it helped him at all. He is also learnign disabled, so it didn't make sense, in a practical way, to hold him back, because he was quite bright, just had incredible trouble getting it out through writing. So, I should have known that, but your post about it was news to me. I'm glad you've done research, and glad that I could learn this before ever having to find out the hard way.

Good luck with Frances, I'd be freaking out if I were you. I hate even the suggestion of bad, scary weather and I have never even been in a hurricane or anything like that.


11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhahaha! We may be old, but we sure can get busy. ~bluepoppy

3:42 PM  

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