Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Men x 2

We had some drama yesterday morning when the boyfriend's son, H., went to check in for his flight. (The phone call came, of course, when I was in the shower with a head full of shampoo.) It was a little dicey there for a moment, but it got worked out. I called our travel agent as soon as her office opened so we could try to piece together how the snafu had occurred. Boyfriend (who's typically very mellow) said before I called her, "If I were you, I'd be on her like a monkey on a cupcake." Ha! (That's going to be my new phrase.)

It was a rather frenzied way to start the morning, with much phoning back and forth. H's itinerary was changed and it worked out better for him because he ended up with shorter layovers. He arrived at 9:00 last night. Boyfriend couldn't stop smiling when he saw him. We both marveled over how much taller he seemed than when we saw him in October. What's remarkable is that he always seems exactly the same, personality-wise--a touch older and/or more mature each time, but still the same wonderful, sweet kid. (I know, I know, enjoy it while we can.)

We went to Wendy's, came home and showered him with a few gifts, then popped in a DVD. I knew I wouldn't last long (it was already past my bedtime), so I left the two of them to their movie and crawled into bed with Albert Brooks (or at least one of his DVD's). I slept past the alarm this morning (and it's set an hour later than usual because my hours have changed for the next two weeks). That's unheard of for the Insomnia Queen!

The guys picked me up at work at 5:00 today and we went straight to the beach for a swim. H. hadn't been to the beach yet (they played golf today). We swam and frolicked, and then came home and made a big pot of spaghetti for dinner. They're in the living room watching Barbershop 2. I'm in bed, sated from a piece of cake, and waiting to do the next load of laundry (I've already done four).


When I posted the previous entry, I was marveling over some men's sense of priorities. At the moment I wrote it, the boyfriend had decided it was imperative that he spray paint the Weber grill. The funky, came-with-the-condo Weber grill. The one he's used maybe once in the last year. It just didn't seem to me that that should be at the top of the 'your son is due in two hours' list. I thought he might want to do something a little more useful--like scrub the tub or put away the two-foot-high mountain of clean laundry he had piled in the middle of our bed. Ah, the mysteries of the male mind...


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