Saturday, August 07, 2004

Singin' Cowboy

I phoned my parents this morning. I wanted to make sure they had picked up a digital camera when they were in the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago. My father had mentioned that they planned to buy one during their visit since they'd be cheaper there. There's a family reunion in two weeks and I'd like my father to take pictures of everyone and send us a CD-ful. The reunion is the same weekend as my father's oldest first cousin's 90th birthday; a lot of my family will be there and I'm sorry we're missing it.

I asked my folks what they have planned for today. My stepmother said they'd be attending the rodeo. I had forgotten that this is 'fair weekend' in my hometown. When we were kids, we lived for two summer events: 4th of July (it's still one of the highlights of the year there) and the County Fair. I was surprised that my father would willingly give up his Saturday golf game in favor of attending the rodeo, since he has no interest in the sport. Then it dawned on me that my (step)nephew, B., must be competing. He is competing, in the Junior Rodeo barrel racing and another event (which I've already forgotten). AND, he's singing the national anthem at the main rodeo. This tickles me no end. B.'s only NINE. Picture a little redheaded boy, with a delightfully sweet and freckled face, singing in his cowboy get-up. I told my stepmother that I had no idea he was singing these days. She said that he's been performing for the last year with a German choir in the next town (which is in the next state). (His father attended a year of university in Tubingen, hence the German influence.) B. asked his Dad if he thought 'they' might let him sing the national anthem at the rodeo. His father told him he didn't know--that B. would have to ask the people in charge. So he did. They asked him to audition for the Fair Board, which he did.

The next part of the conversation involved me trying to coerce my father into using his digital camera to shoot a little video of B.'s performance...while he played dumb, as if he couldn't possibly figure out how to do that. But he will (shoot it, I mean) and hopefully he'll eventually figure out how to copy it onto a CD so we can take a look. (I won't even try to tell him how to email it as an attachment...we've already been down that road...) :)

So my (cowboy) hat is off to B. today. He knows what he wants and has the chutzpah to chase after it. I hope he sings his little heart out. (And does well in the barrel racing, too.)


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