Monday, September 20, 2004

dreamy day

If I could fill this day with only people and things that delight and tickle me and stir my passion and wasn't constrained by a 24-hour limit or geography or logistics or finances, it might include the following (in no particular order)...

walking and swimming at the beach
walking through a redwood forest
writing funny emails back and forth with friends
thinking up new business ideas
going out for coffee and tea with friends
spending time with the children in my life
watching small children play at the beach
taking a road trip with no set itinerary
reading blogs
gathering together all my favorite blog sisters
attending a live music event
eating pie
being served all my meals
playing in sunshine
doing something crafty
making my friends laugh
picking blackberries
soaking in a bubble bath
getting a massage
writing in a journal
browsing in bookstores and libraries
seeing independent films
wandering the aisles of Target
going to the horse races
watching/listening to my boyfriend play the drums
sleeping in
taking pictures
staring off into space and doing nothing
eating Mexican and Thai and Hunan food
going on a picnic
sleeping under the stars with a faint train whistle in the background
listening to the radio (particularly a transistor)
remembering my Italian grandmother
sitting quietly in an empty church
spending as much time as possible outdoors
breathing the scent along a certain stretch of Hwy. 199
sleeping soundly
taking catnaps in the sun
riding a train
eating well-done French toast
walking city streets
going barefoot
drinking really strong coffee with half-n-half and a biscotti to dip
lying in a hammock
sitting around a campfire and a beach bonfire
looking through a telescope at the nighttime sky
sitting in a backyard
sleeping in a tent
collecting cool pieces of driftwood
picking shells and beach glass
wearing my red cowboy boots
wearing a tight-fitting pair of (men's) Levi's 501's
eating soft ice cream (preferably served at a drive-in)
leading a workshop
going to a drive-in movie - or better yet, showing films in the backyard, projected onto a white sheet or wall
having the companionship of a Lab
not having my quiet setting punctured by traffic noise or others' loud music or yelling
(and it goes without saying) doing much of the above in the presence of my boyfriend (I didn't add making love here, but that goes without saying) :)

And you? What would your dreamy day look like?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh this looks like a life lived to me:0) so my dreamy day would be much the same in many ways, though making love to your boyfriend would not be on the agenda!, and a door hasn't opened on the woman of my dreams yet so that would be a pass so too wandering in any large shops. My favourite foods are crusty homemade bread and hot soup, asian food, food shared with friends old and new so that would be key to a dreamy day I suspect. Daisy-Winifred

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooo, that just sounds like the best day ever. I'd just have to add finding the perfect picture on the perfect road, and maybe a second bubble bath. Right on! Now I'm all smiley and dreamy, just thinking about it.
Bethany (rambling)

9:25 PM  

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