Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Tropical Storm Jeanne is passing about 17 miles south of St. Croix this morning. (We're 40 miles north of St. Croix.) As a result, pretty much everything in the USVI has shut down for the day. The golf course is of course closed, so the boyfriend's gone back to sleep. Not my office though--my boss wants us all to check in at 11:00 to see if we should come in for the afternoon. (Why, oh why, can't he just close FOR THE DAY?! Sheesh.)

The USVI and Puerto Rico were placed under a hurricane warning yesterday, but Jeanne isn't expected to reach category 1 hurricane status until later today, possibly before she reaches Puerto Rico. (Puerto Rico is 40 miles west of us.) I hate to say it, but her current track has her set for the Bahamas and (God forbid) possibly even Florida down the road.

Ironically, today is the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Marilyn which walloped the USVI, particularly St. Thomas. Marilyn destroyed or damaged eighty percent of the structures on our island. I had friends suggest that I might want to change my name when I announced I was moving here. Actually, it serves me well. When people on the phone ask how to spell my name, I always say, "Just like the hurricane." For some reason, that always elicits a laugh. I guess because everyone here remembers that Marilyn.

I just heard on the radio that sites have been set up here to collect donations for Grenada. Ivan devastated that island. I feel for the people evacuating along the Gulf Coast in preparation for his arrival.

It's a good morning to curl up with a steaming hot mug of coffee and a good book. And that's just what I'm gonna do.


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