Monday, September 27, 2004


Dammit, why didn't someone tell me about that price tag? And to think I sat like that all night in the corner of the stage. Sort of like the time I waltzed outta the ladies room at that hip party in L.A. with the back of my hot pink spandex dress tucked into my panty hose. Oh...wait...that wasn't me, that was my friend, P. But I did later inherit the dress...

This is my "studied insouciance" pose. Do you like it? It tends to keep the drunks away...though not all of them. (Losers.) The downside is that although it looks like I'm relaxed, my right leg tends to go to sleep holding it that way for four hours. But who cares? At least I look cool (except for the Minnie Pearl touch). Yeah, I know, the outfit's a bit racy. But damn, girl, it's hot here! If I have to sit through a gig with a fake smile on my face, I at least wanna be comfortable.

It was a good run while it lasted. Now I gotta find a new gig. I'm already working on some new poses. Posted by Hello


Blogger Katherine said...

dang, girl - you are a serious hottie! and so is your man . . . :) whew! :) K

6:54 PM  

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