Wednesday, September 22, 2004

In the Land of Ashcroft

What?!?! Cat Stevens is on the government watch list?! (How did I not know this?)

Also woke up to this on the radio this morning: the government has ordered all of the airlines to turn over their passenger data from the month of June. So if you flew anywhere in June, they'll not only have the basics (name, address, etc.) but also evidently where you traveled and where and how you bought your ticket. The report said that the government's going to use this data to test a new system to track suspects on the government watch list, and that the last time they tested it they used similar data that the airlines turned it over violation of their privacy policies.

We have a dear friend who's lived in Switzerland for many years (he used to live in Berkeley) and when I recently informed him that we'll be relocating to Calfornia, he had this to say, "Arnold's California and Bushwhacked're braver than me."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is scary for sure---- Orwell was a freaking prophet!


11:13 AM  

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