Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rat Patrol

After work today, we noticed a sudden invasion of huge flies near the large bathroom windows, one of which is permanently open (with a screen). (It appears they were entering through a tiny gap between the screen and the window.) We also noticed a...(ahem)...smell. So we knew "the creature" had expired. It reached its demise in a drainage hole that runs from the (empty) planter next to the tub to...? We weren't sure where that drainage hole went, but Monday after work (Rat Day!) boyfriend went down the trail to the area below the condo and got a large rock to block it.

Boyfriend knew, of course, that he was going to have to deal with carcass removal, since there was NO WAY I was going near it. He said he'd take care of it tomorrow while I'm at work. But then he decided it would be too unpleasant to have to endure the smell until tomorrow afternoon, so he prepared for battle. He put a bandana over his mouth (dabbing it with some of the amber oil he bought me) and his sunglasses (psychological protective eyewear) and armed himself with the long tongs he uses to stoke the barbecue coals and a paper bag. HE'S MY HERO!!! :) Then he hosed out the area and discovered that the drainage hole doesn't really go anywhere. So we don't think the rat even got to the poison we placed out for him, but rather that he left Monday via the drainage hole and died there of either asphyixiation and/or starvation. Here's the creepy part: We're shocked we didn't see "the creature" scamper from where he'd been digging through the drywall under the bathroom sink up and over the edge of the tub to climb into the drainage hole, since that's when we were looking around. We must have just missed him. (Thank god!!!) But we can rest easy knowing he won't be back.

That was good news #1. Good news #2 is that Stacy got fired on "The Apprentice" tonight. It's the only series we watch with regularity, and we're admittedly hooked. We were both happy to see her go.

And now we're watching the end of the baseball game. I'm sort of rooting for the Astros, because it would be too funny to have a World Series this year between teams from Texas and Massachusetts. But I've always liked the Cardinals, so I won't mind if they win.

It's been a good night. And, frankly, I could use it. :)


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