Monday, October 11, 2004


As autumn descends on Portland, the usual barbs are flung from one tree to the next. The black walnut trees accuse the elms of flip-flopping from red to yellow and back. The Douglas firs, meanwhile, cling to their needles and insist that the beeches' new colors are utterly unexceptional. Many squirrels polled remain undecided. -- newsletter, October 5, 2004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm loving all this good gathering you're doing of good info--- especially the last blog with all those excerpts!! Sounds like the hurricanes have left you back in the sunshine again. (as for the 50 acres per your comment--- it is typical around here--- and this place is built/used for summer vacations-- so we'll see how we weather the weather. But, yes-- I am very fortunate, of that there is no doubt). ~bluepoppy

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