Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Sampler

My 3-day weekend has included rifling through a big stack of magazines. Some tidbits:

"Babies aren't born with inner critics. Can you imagine? Tiny newborns, running themselves down from the get-go: 'Get it together and breast-feed! All the other babies are naturals at this. What is your problem?'" -- "Silence your Inner Critic" by Sheila Heen, Real Simple, August 2004

"If you were given the news that you had only six months to live, what writing project would you finish first?" -- "Writing Prompts," Writer's Digest, December 2003

"Often you think men aren't listening. But actually they're just not paying attention." -- "Men are from Mars. Period." by W. Bruce Cameron, O, September 2004

"Sometimes you'll swear you don't see in yourself the loathsome qualities you notice in others. You spot it, but you ain't got it. Look again. See if you are implicitly condoning someone else's vileness by failing to oppose it--which puts your actions on the side of the trait you hate. -- "You Spot It, You've Got It" by Martha Beck, O, July 2004

"Yes, the manual for your DVD player is in the house somewhere. No, you cannot find it. Luckily, has links to about 30 munfacturers' sites with on-line versions of appliance manuals." -- Real Simple, March 2004

“She challenged herself with her father’s three-question mantra: ‘Who am I? Where am I? And what must I do to be me?’” -- profile of Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, “The Rescue Squad,” O, July 2004

“If you can’t find reasonably priced plane fares (or seats specifically allocated for mileage redemption), check the airlines just after midnight, when reservations that haven’t been confirmed are often released and become available.” -- Real Simple, June/July 2004

“Before you hit the road, visit, the brainchild of architect Bill Stank, who became frustrated with trying to tune in good radio when on the road. His website allows you to print out maps and station listings by state…Listings include music format and the strength of each station’s signal--so you’ll know approximately how long you’ll be able to listen before the music fades.” -- Sunset, January 2004 (NOTE: Site relaunches in mid-November.)

“Discover a museum you never knew about. Log on to and you can search for museums of all kinds in all 50 states (and almost 200 countries). -- Real Simple, February 2004

“I participate in a local program called Conversation Café. We meet in a cozy public space and discuss various issues. It attracts a variety of people with diverse opinions and is a great way to remember that there is more than one way to view the world.” -- Angela Motta, Boise, Idaho, in answer to “Which activities keep you connected to friends, neighbors and the world?”, Real Simple, May 2003

“Cash in on clutter…Visit for organizing tips…” -- Real Simple, June/July 2003

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sun-dial in the shade!” -- Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, as quoted in Real Simple, May 2004

“Always wanted to sell your stuff on eBay but couldn’t deal with the hassle of uploading photos, processing payments and shipping? Let an eBay drop-off center do it for you. Bring your unwanted belongings to the nearest drop ( lists more than 3,000 locations), and the service will try to sell your things on eBay, taking 20 to 38 percent of the selling price for doing the legwork.” -- Real Simple, September 2004


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