Monday, November 01, 2004

red beans and slot machines

It's growing late here in Atlantic Standard Time. We'll now spend the duration of our time in the islands being one hour ahead of the Eastern time zone. This means we have to get used to our favorite TV shows airing an hour later.

I've got C-Span on as they await Kerry and the Boss in Cleveland. I think Kerry's going to win...and by a wider margin than most people expect. Maybe I just choose to have faith that those who desperately want Bush out want that more than those who want to re-elect him. To all of my friends on the mainland: please, please, please vote tomorrow.

This is the most interest I've taken in a campaign in a long time. I know one thing: I'll feel a whole lot better about moving back to the mainland if Bush (and the Prince of Darkness) are out of office.

I've never volunteered on a presidential campaign. But I did get to ask a question of Clinton and Gore on live TV during the '92 campaign. I was housesitting my friend's place in Portland (I lived in the Bay Area at the time) while he and his band were on a 6-week summer tour opening for Steve Miller. One morning I was lying in bed in Portland and saw that "CBS This Morning" (or whatever it was called in those days) was going to host a town hall-type forum for Clinton and Gore. They asked viewers to send in questions. Well, I had plenty of time on my hands, so I fired off a question...and promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks later I got a call from a woman who was a producer for the show asking if I'd be willing to ask my question on-air. I said, "Um...I guess?..." So she told me to go to Powell's Books at an ungodly early hour on a specified date. They had a live studio audience and four or five cities hooked up via satellite, with a handful of questioners in each city. There were four of us in Portland: a minister, a member of the school board, a real estate magnet (I later learned...I thought he was just a sweet little Japanese man who happened to be sitting next to me) and me...the flaky one.

My question was about equal pay for equal work (an issue that still hasn't been corrected), but someone in the studio audience asked that question early on. During the second break in the show, the producer asked if any of us had an environmental question for Gore. I said that I did. (They had asked us to submit an alternate question.) It was entertaining to watch the behind-the-scenes action as the producers in various cities lobbied for "their" people to get on air. So they gave me an earpiece and the control room in N.Y. asked if I could hear them okay. They told me not to look at the monitor, but straight at the camera. (I had worked in television, so I wasn't completely retarded about what to do.) And then about 35 minutes into the show, I heard Paula Zahn say, "Well, the sun may not be up in Portland, Oregon, but Marilyn has a question for Senator Gore." And I stated/asked my question. The studio audience laughed--I'd thrown in a dig at Quayle's intelligence for good measure. I later saw Clinton on tape lean over toward Gore and ask, "What'd she say? I missed it." Gore just diplomatically smiled, and launched into an overly-earnest "Earth in the Balance" answer...


Boyfriend has dozed off on the couch. He's had a rather stressful evening. We spent about half an hour finishing his part of the filing--a project that we jointly tackled yesterday for a few hours. Then he went to work making phone calls and lining up song lists and musicians for a wedding he's scheduled to play on the 13th. He's stressed about it because he's covering for a friend whose gig it was (someone who's in rehab now), so he hasn't had a lot of prep time. And the bride has picked out 15 songs she wants played...during the ceremony! (That's not even taking into account playing for a few hours at the reception!) He came to the conclusion this evening that he may have to sing a few of the songs himself. He sings--he just hasn't in awhile, so he's feeling a bit rusty.

After we finished filing, I decided to tackle the cluttered mess that was atop our dresser. (I'm suddenly an organizing demon!) As I was preparing to do that, I saw him setting up the keyboard. I don't think he's touched it in at least a year. So there I was back in the bedroom de-cluttering and dusting and Windexing and feeling lulled by the lovely little ballad he was singing. I didn't recognize the song...but then realized it was because he was singing the same line of lyrics over and over, "If I have to sing...I will do it...." :)


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How darling your singer is.... I hope he does well.

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