Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Happy Birthday!!!

He's 42 today. He took the day off from work and spent it puttering around doing stuff he enjoys: building golf clubs, setting up a 'recording station' in a corner of our living room (this isn't it--this was in the studio about half an hour before the earthquake), going to K-Mart to buy a storage unit for his new mikes and gear, visting Home Depot not once, but twice. (And he hit Home Depot a third time after his aikido class. I guess for him a happy birthday = lots of trips to Home Depot.) :)

Ten years ago in Portland, I started our tradition of making birthday cake the night before. That way, we get to have it for breakfast on our birthdays. This morning I served him a big ol' slice in bed with his coffee. The boyfriend's not much for dining out--he enjoys a fine meal as much as the next guy--but it's not his first choice of what to do on his birthday. So this year I left him to his own devices to do whatever gave him pleasure, and I think he had a good day. When he picked me up at work, we went to a clothing store downtown to exchange some slacks I'd bought him...and ended up walking out with two pairs of 501's (one for each of us). We arrived home to find H. had left a message singing "Happy Birthday" to his Dad.

I gave him a set of seven pliers (he loves any tool), three nail clippers (because he keeps losing them!), this guy's new CD (they played together in college), a red and blue striped polo shirt from Tommy Hilfiger and a Tommy Hilfiger backpack (the Nike one he stole from me years ago is ratty as hell, and he uses one daily because he walks to and from work). And because every 42-year-old man needs one, I also gave him this. His eyes lit up when he saw it. I said, "I had a feeling that maybe you liked this as a kid." "Are you kidding?! It was one of my favorite toys! My brothers and I used to spend hours playing this." Of course, now he only has me to play it with him. :)

My Dad and stepmother sent him a great shirt, an orange Titleist visor and a navy cap from my Dad's home golf course (which the boyfriend has played several times.) All in all, I think he's had a good day. He's at his aikido class, and there's still cake for dessert! :)

I gave him a card that said it was for "my go-everywhere-do-everything, like-the-same-stuff, laugh-till-it-hurts, together-or-apart, have-fun-doing-whatever, couldn't-want-a-better, always-and-forever...loving companion and friend." When he read it, he gave me a big smile...and a kiss. He's my best pal, my soulmate, my partner in love. Happy Birthday, baby. I love you with all my heart. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cake for breakfast! What's better than that?

6:50 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

yummy cake in bed and the lovely marilyn - what more could a man ask for??? :) Happy birthday to mister J :)

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations, marilyn, on your birthday boy!
you're lucky to have him, and he's definitely lucky to have you...:-)
(THREE nail clippers. now that's an idea for my next wish-list!)

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and happy new year to both of you!


12:06 PM  

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