Monday, March 14, 2005


Boy, are we ever packin' up! We got a LOT done this weekend. Yesterday the boyfriend said, "I'm gonna have you packed in three days, baby!" And by god, I think he means it.

Saturday my pal took me out for a lovely lunch at the neighborhood resort (I use the term loosely). She came by afterwards to pick up the items she'd purchased. While we were at lunch, boyfriend had sorted through the cabinet on the balcony that serves as sort of his toolshed. By the time we returned, he had a bunch of tools laid out and priced, and she bought quite a few of them for her husband.

SIDEBAR: So we're sitting under an umbrella next to the pool at lunch and she says, "Did you hear that Oprah's either here or was here?" "NO. I didn't see anything about it in the paper!" Her, giggling conspiratorially, "It wasn't IN the paper. But evidently her production team or magazine staff was here to do a shoot. They did a swimsuit makeover with (local attorney who's the ex-wife of an a very prominent attorney here)." "What?!" "Yeah, she was having dinner at (THE RESTAURANT THAT'S RIGHT BEHIND OUR CONDOS) and they (Oprah's team) asked her if she wanted a swimsuit makeover. She's going to be in the June issue." "What?!" (My verbal skills are unmatched.)

But back to the packing... Saturday we did a quick run to K-Mart for packing tape, etc. and to shop for luggage. Scored two American Tourister (red!) 3-piece sets for $70 a set. We've both gone through all of our clothes. We've got several large Hefty bags full of clothes ready to be donated to the Humane Society thrift store. I phoned them yesterday to find out what their hours are. Ready? Sundays from 2-4 pm and Wednesdays from 10-11:30 a.m. Okaaaaay.

Boyfriend and I have developed a good system. I sort and organize groups of stuff to be packed, and he does the actual packing. And I'm lovin' it. In our previous two moves, I had to do all of it myself because he was at work. (I was able to get us packed up in a day during those moves...which means we've accumulated a lot of CRAP in the last four years.)

He's got his 'honey do' list for the day. I'm off to the storage place to park my ass in front of the TV for nine hours. In other words, I'm going to work to get a little rest.


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My verbal skills are unmatched.


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