Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Can't Stop Watching

I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but occasionally when the boyfriend is at a gig and there's nothing I particularly feel like watching on TV, I find myself flipping channels and settling on "Newlyweds." And if I start watching one episode and MTV's airing several back to back, I'll sit here numbly mesmerized until the boyfriend arrives home and wrests the remote from me. He can't stand to watch even a minute of this dreck, but I find it unbelievably entertaining. Mainly because there seems to be no limit to Jessica Simpson's ignorance on an infinite number of subjects. How can someone that age be so stupid about so many things?! In the time I watched tonight (in between flipping to other channels), I learned that she doesn't know about condoms, bratwurst (including how to pronounce it), pork, sausage, the ingredients of hot dogs, moguls (in skiing..."Or are they mobiles?") or how to make pancakes. (There were several others, but I've lost track.) If you want to feel like a freaking rocket scientist, watch this show. This girl is dumber'n a stick. And hey, gimme back that remote.


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