Thursday, March 18, 2004

Men and Handbags

What is it with men and purses? Why do so many men fear reaching into women's purses? The boyfriend and I have been together nine years and STILL he won't reach into my bag for my wallet and take some money out of it--even under strict orders from me to do so. We have made some progress though--at least now he'll reach into the bag for the wallet. For years, he'd simply pick up the bag and carry it to wherever I was, all the while holding it as if it held something grotesque or explosive.

I've known women who absolutely refuse to allow their mates anywhere near their purses. I have the opposite problem--my man won't go into my bag even when I beg him to. Somewhere along the line, his mother and three sisters must have drummed into his head that you NEVER touch a woman's handbag. It's a rule I'm finding hard to break.


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